My Story

Have you had days like this?

At yet another day at the job, I was staring out of the window. Wondering where I would fish this weekend. Would I try spinnerbaits or crankbaits? How much time would I have after doing chores? Would my children want to go with my dear old dad?

However, I knew something would come up to derail my perfect day. It started with my job and ended with the obligation. I was working hard just like everybody else, but not getting what I wanted. You would think you could at least go fishing to relax, but that seemed impossible!

Fishing is the one thing that I love to do. I felt like a robot that woke up, went to work, came home and went to sleep again. I found myself constantly stressed out. I felt like a failure. I didn't know what I was doing with my life.

At this moment, I had a simple thought. A thought that has completely changed my life. “I wish I could go fishing now…”. This wasn’t the first time I stared out of the window looking at the river. However, this time I asked a question. “Why can’t I go fishing?”

I sat in thought for a while looking at the crowd of people getting their lunch outside and my co-workers surfing the web at their desks. Then the answer popped in my head like a light bulb.

Since this moment I have been fishing more often than I ever have before. I'm catching more fish than ever. I actually find myself wanting to go to work! To say that his change was great is an understatement.

Now I'm sharing my solution with you. You can finally go fishing more often and not have to fight for every second you can get on the water during the weekends. Take this small step and take back your childhood and go fishing now!

Stephen discovered this system himself and was successfully able to fish 365 consecutive days. Most fishermen would think this is impossible. However, like most big ideas, everything is impossible until it has been done. Achieving this goal didn't take hard workouts for your body to be a hulk or going to MIT or Harvard to be the smartest person in the world. You simply have to make a choice that you are going to do it and be persistent!

As you can see, Stephen is still happily married and happily fishing every day. Fishing is supposed to fun and relaxing. Don't allow life's troubles to ruin that. Make the change today.

Even the photographer for On The Water can't help, but to put down the camera and get this fishing in before, during and after work! Most people would envy his fishing job, but would you want to be stuck behind a camera watching people catch fish? NO! You want to catch fish so you have to get out there!

Several people have figured out ways to go fishing more often. They have even been publicized in the news for it. Why aren't you one of these people? Why is this newsworthy? It's the simple fact that people don't believe it is possible for them. You need a guide to show you exactly how "You" can do it. I am more than happy to be your guide, but you first have to make this decision. Do you really want to go fishing today?

Here's Exactly What Your About To Get Your Hands On...

The Everday Fishing System is packed with information that will help you get out on the water when you want too. I constantly listen to your feedback and update this information to provide you with the best results. If you think of anything else that would help just drop me an email.

  • Weekday Warrior Fishing System ($200 Value) - If you are a weekend warrior and only fishing on the weekend you are missing out on the best fishing, ever. This 12 step video course contains 2 hours of strategy, tactics and motivation... This is how you go from dreaming to living the dream!

  • The Excuse Exterminator ($100 Value) - Are you thinking that this isn't possible or it sounds simple yet you aren't doing it? This video training is filled with over an hour of tips and strategies to help you get out of your own head! We have already proven this system and now you have to prove it for yourself.

  • BETA Access ($100 Value) - I want to get this valuable fishing system into your hands as quickly as possible. This is the reason you will only see this price once! Stop waiting to get raise, get a better job, get rich, retire to get more time to go fishing. GO RIGHT NOW!

People Are Taking Huge Risks Buying Into Money Making Scams Just So They Can Quit Their Jobs To Go Fishing More Often...

When people look for ways to go fishing more often they instantly think of quitting their job and making money being a professional fisherman, charter boat captain or entrepreneur. They incur lifestyle struggles with family and have to invest $10,000+ for boats, fuel, gear, courses, software, etc… just to get started!

You will or have spent countless hours searching the web and hoping that the next shiny object will get you to your dream life. All the while, I am giving you the system to reach your goals right now with no strings attached.

Here’s Why This System Would Normally Cost $400

If you were to just go fishing one day without a plan you could easily find yourself in hot water with your boss and your significant other. You more than likely have only been fishing on the weekend or worse like myself haven’t fished consistently for a decade.

A fisherman out of the water is a sad thing to witness. You have spent too long on the sidelines wondering when it would be your turn to reach your fishing goals. Don’t spend another minute wondering when the weekend is going to arrive. Go Fishing Now!

One of the reasons I can offer the system at this price is the fact that I don’t ship you anything. You get everything INSTANTLY!

Another reason is the fact that this is a BETA version. I want to get this product out to you as quickly as possible. All of the information is complete, but I have not put this into a fancy membership software. For this reason, you will get it for a heavily reduced price!

That is why I’m releasing the Everyday Fishing System today at the lowest rate possible...


30 Days Risk-Free To Change Your Life!
Go Fishing Now!

I know that you want to be able to fish every day without any worries. I also know that it's tough for you to make this decision.

That's why I want you to try out the Everyday Fishing System risk-free for 30 days.

It's just that easy. We know fishing is the number #1 thing on your mind and we don't want to waste your time. 

Here's The Only Thing Left To Do... To finally be able to go fishing every day, all you need to do is have a credit card or PayPal account.

Once you have finished the order form, you will be sent to an access page that will give you access to the Everyday Fishing System. 

If you have any questions, email our team at and my support staff will get right back to you.

Everyday Fishing System

The secret to fishing when you want is finally within your reach. All you have to do is grab it.

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